challenges due to your LGBTQ+ identity

What can you expect?

Are you facing challenges due to your LGBTQ+ identity? If so, you understand the impact it can have on your life. As LGBTQ+ therapists based in New York City, we specialize in empowering individuals like you to set achievable goals and develop practical strategies to  embrace your authentic self.

At Looking Glass Psychology, we provide a safe and welcoming space for you to explore your identity and grow, regardless of your background or beliefs. If you’re ready to live your best life, we invite you to schedule a complimentary phone consultation with us today. Discover how therapy can empower you to thrive.

LGBTQ+ & You

No one should ever experience shame or fear as a result of their sexual or gender identity. However, the LGBTQ+ community often faces mental health challenges stemming from identity issues and discrimination. These may include anxiety, stress, depression, panic disorders, trauma, and substance abuse. Through our compassionate care and proactive approach, we aim to enhance your mental well-being and guide you toward self-fulfillment. If you’re seeking LGBTQ+ services in New York City, take the first step and schedule a free consultation with us today. Let us empower you on your journey toward improved mental health and personal growth.

Anger Management

Anger Management

Unleash the transformative power of top-quality therapy that goes beyond problem reflection. We use your challenges as a foundation for building self-worth and facilitating deep healing. Experience a unique and empowering journey towards lasting transformation and holistic well-being. Discover your untapped potential today.



Unleash the power of exceptional therapy. Move beyond problem reflection to fuel personal growth and positive change. Embrace the transformative journey towards lasting transformation and well-being.



Elevate your therapy experience beyond problem reflection. Embrace the transformative power of utilizing your challenges as stepping stones for personal growth, self-worth, and profound healing. Experience a unique path to lasting transformation today.

Is it advisable to seek assistance for my mental health concerns?

Seeking help for your mental well-being is a perfectly normal and empowering choice, particularly when it hinders your ability to be your best self. As LGBTQ+ therapists in New York City, we regularly work with individuals facing similar challenges. Consider seeking help if:

  • You experience feelings of shame, guilt, fear, hopelessness, or inadequacy.
  • The thought of someone discovering your identity causes sweating, trembling, or anxiety.
  • You feel like being your authentic self is inherently wrong or unworthy.
  • You perceive a sense of being less than or unworthy due to your identity.
  • You have concerns about being hurt or minimized because of who you are.
    You feel trapped, hopeless, or helpless in your current circumstances.

If any of these apply to you, we strongly encourage you to reach out to us for support. We are available to create a personalized plan that caters to your needs, whether you prefer online or in-person sessions. Take the courageous step of seeking help as soon as possible, and let us guide you on your unique journey toward growth and well-being.

LGBTQ+ Therapists In New York City

We understand the challenges you’re facing, and we empathize with your struggle. 

Therapy provides a safe and nurturing space where you can learn more about yourself, develop effective strategies for managing panic, and embrace a new way of approaching life. Our approach at Looking Glass is characterized by active engagement and genuine care for your well-being. We listen attentively, collaborate with you, and tailor our therapeutic techniques to suit your unique needs. Our goal is to equip you with practical tools that can be implemented in your daily life, leading to immediate transformations. Join us on your journey towards becoming the best version of yourself by booking a free consultation with Looking Glass today.



What should I expect from my first therapy session?

During your first session, your therapist will ask you questions to get to know you and understand your reasons for coming to therapy. Your therapist will want to learn about your history, what’s going on with you now, and learn about what you want to get out of therapy. You’ll also have the opportunity to ask them questions about how therapy works so you know what to expect.

How long will I be in therapy for?

The amount of time therapy takes is different for each person. If you’re dealing with a short-term stressor that you want resolved, that will typically take less time than a problem you’ve been dealing with for a long while. For some, therapy is short-term, taking just a few months until they are satisfied with their progress. For others, therapy will become a part of their routine, helping them manage ongoing concerns in their life and having a safe outlet for them to explore themselves, their patterns, and understand themselves on a deeper level.

Virtual therapy: How does it work?

With the rise in virtual therapy, it makes sense to want to know more about how it works. Research shows that virtual therapy has the same benefits as therapy that takes place face-to-face. Virtual therapy is an effective way to fit therapy into your busy schedule, as it allows you to talk to your therapist in the comfort of your own home. With virtual therapy, you avoid the hurdles that can happen with face-to-face appointments, such as scheduling conflicts, traffic, and travel time. In order to make the most of your virtual session, meet with your therapist in a private space in your home and have a good internet connection.

How do I pick the right therapist for me?

You’ve decided to take that next step and start therapy, and it can feel overwhelming to decide on a therapist. That’s why we offer a complimentary consultation call with a Looking Glass Intake Coordinator to help you make an informed choice. Every therapist has different strengths and styles that they bring to sessions. When you are in the process of selecting a therapist, talk to your coordinator about what you want to get out of therapy so you can rest assured that you are matched with the right person for you. After all, therapy is all about creating a space where you feel comfortable to open up, so finding a therapist that you click with is the first step on your journey!

How do I know if therapy is working?

Starting from your first session, you and your therapist will talk about what you want to get out of therapy. You may come in with a very specific goal or you may use therapy as a space to talk about ongoing events in your life. Regardless of your therapy goals, your therapist will create a comfortable space for you to talk about how therapy is going so you are both on the same page about the process. Ultimately, you will get more out of therapy if you are willing to put more into it. Growth takes place when you are willing to reflect on yourself and take what you are learning during sessions out into the world with you. Below are a few signs of progress that clients typically note:

  • You start noticing that your symptoms (anxiety, depression, panic attacks, etc.) are less frequent or intense than before.
  • You’re able to function better at work, school, or in your personal relationships.
  • You start to find that you have a better understanding of yourself, your feelings, and your behaviors. You’ve gained insights and are making connections that you didn’t make before.
  • You might be using new coping skills that you’ve learned in therapy and they’re helping in your daily life.
  • People close to you may tell you that they have noticed positive changes.
Do you accept my health insurance?

Looking Glass Psychology is Out-of-Network with health insurances. If you have an Out-of-Network or PPO insurance plan, your insurance will refund a large portion of each session, as long as you have met your Out-of-Network deductible. After each appointment, we’ll supply you with a receipt called a superbill or reimbursement form. To submit for a partial refund, simply log into your health insurance portal to enter the information listed on your superbill. If you have an Out-of-Network plan and have met your Out-of-Network deductible, your health plan will mail the partial refund in the form of a check to your home a few weeks after each appointment. Questions? Email info@LookingGlassNYC.com or chat with us live during business hours by clicking the “Message Us” button on this page.

When can I book an appointment with you?

Your appointment request is our top priority, so we’ll get you on the schedule as soon as possible – no waitlists, and no hassle. Many of our clinicians offer both in-person and video appointments in the early morning, afternoon, late evening, or even weekends. To request an appointment, click the following link: https://lookingglassnyc.clientsecure.me or chat with us live during business hours by texting (646) 350-2202. Prefer a phone call? Contact us today by calling (646) 760-3399.

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