Out-Of-Network Insurance

Therapy is more than a place to reflect on the things that are troubling you or creating mental and emotional obstacles in your daily life. Looking Glass Psychology in New York City is a space to share healing conversations that transform your sense of self and recognize solutions that can help you improve your relationships, gain confidence, and develop feelings of self-worth. These conversations require vulnerability and trust, and it is important to find a therapist that is vastly cognizant of your story and emotional depth. Regardless of your history or experience with therapy, our team understands each client as an individual and tailors our approach to specifically fit your needs.

When searching for a therapist in New York, your insurance company will have a selection of in-network options for you to choose from. However, because of the importance of the relationship between you and your therapist, it is very common for clients to come to us from outside of this network. As you read, Looking Glass Psychology will provide you with a guide to help you with each step of the process if you are choosing us from outside of your insurance provider’s network. Please don’t hesitate to contact us today if you have questions about your plan and coverage.


Understanding Your Benefits

When dealing with your insurance company during a situation where you are choosing a therapist from outside of their network, we recommend looking for a summary of benefits in your health plan portal or app. This can usually be found in the information provided to you by your insurance provider or on their website. We often deal with clients who choose out-of-network providers, so we’re happy to answer any questions that you may have about the process. 


Inquire About A Superbill

Most health plans provide reimbursement for any payments that you make for therapy out of pocket. Following your session, a receipt that is often referred to as a Superbill will be provided to you. Superbills have information such as office visit billing codes, diagnosis codes, session rates, clinician information, and more. To obtain a partial reimbursement/refund from your health plan, simply log into your health plan profile or portal and enter the information listed on the Superbill.


Contacting Your Insurance Company

If you opt to call your health plan’s Benefits Department, Looking Glass Psychology in New York suggests that you ask the following questions to determine a full picture of your coverage:

  • What is my Out-of-Network deductible for an outpatient mental health visit in an office setting, without testing?
  • For outpatient mental health, what are the details of my Out-of-Network coinsurance?
  • How much of my Out-of-Network deductible has been met this year?
  • Do I require a referral from my In-Network primary doctor?
  • How can I submit for reimbursement for sessions that I have paid out of pocket for?

Receiving Out-Of-Network Reimbursement

The first step in receiving out-of-network reimbursement is to find out if the therapist is contracted with your insurance company. If they are, then you will need to work on getting reimbursed through your insurance company. If they are not, then you will need to contact your insurance company and request an exception for this provider.

You are required to pay the entire fee for your session upfront at the time of service. However, depending on your coverage, your insurance company may mail you a check to reimburse a portion of that cost for out-of-network services. This reimbursement amount is dependent upon the specifics of your plan. Looking Glass Psychology understands that there are a variety of details to sort out between providers, coverage, and specifics of your therapy and we are happy to engage with you in person or over the phone to discuss what will work best for you.


Out Of Network Insurance Therapy

Our team of psychologists and therapists at Looking Glass Psychology are incredibly kind, patient, and empathetic individuals whose proprietary goal is to make a difference in your life. We help guide you by making a positive, lasting impact on your life. We specialize in a range of evidence-based therapies and offer a personalized therapy program that is tailored to your needs.

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