What Our Clients Are Saying

Professional And Safe Feeling Experience

It has been a professional and safe feeling experience. I feel comfortable and taken seriously which is very important to me. It still feels like a relaxed mood to the convo while still feeling like I’m getting professional help along the way.

I Noticed Great Results

I’ve had sleep problems for years and tried just about everything. I was skeptical that therapy would be able to help me. After a few sessions with Dr. Gindy, I noticed great results. I went from sleeping five hours a night to seven and a half hours a night. And the quality of sleep improved dramatically. I highly recommend meeting with her. Her tips and strategies really work!

Welcoming, Warm, Reassuring

I started talking to Dr. Gindy in the summer of 2019 and I don’t know what I did before having her to listen, offer advice and provide tools to get me through any situation I find myself in. She is welcoming, warm, reassuring, confident in her advice and easy to talk to. I always leave my appointments knowing that I am enough and feeling confident. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to talk to someone!

Incredibly Kind

Dr. Gindy is an incredibly kind, patient, and empathetic person. She’s helped me so much in the short time we’ve been working together.

Please feel free to share any feedback that you have about your experience with Looking Glass below.


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